About Us


 Way back in 1994, Imelda's arrived in Portland, Oregon with a fresh style of shoe shopping. 

No precious showrooms and ornate display racks. No mysterious inner-sanctum stock rooms, it's a more fun, full-disclosure place. With boxes on the floor alongside a deeply knowledgeable, non-commissioned, sales staff, Imelda's and Louie's is less school, more recess. It's also apparent: this is a place for shoe lovers, by shoe lovers. As for style, it's where trends show up before they're, well, trends. The owners have never met a major shoe show they didn’t like, spotting emerging looks well ahead of places that rely on sales reps alone. Best of all, Imelda's marries style and comfort in a unique way. Add equally surprising jewelry, handbags and Louie's Shoes for Men and it's an equal-opportunity outing. With all the local support and success, it's no wonder they decided to make Imelda's and Louie's available online.